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Allergy and Asthma

Welcome to Allergy Asthma Associates of Oklahoma, a leading allergy and asthma clinic in Oklahoma City. Dr. Nalin UG, our owner and allergy specialist, has many years of experience in providing top-notch allergy and asthma care to patients of all ages. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in our care.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to help manage your allergies and asthma, including allergy testing, immunotherapy, asthma management, and more. Our team of experienced medical professionals is committed to providing personalized care to each patient.

Patient Resources

We understand that managing allergies and asthma can be overwhelming at times. That's why we've put together a list of resources to help you navigate your condition and stay informed. From educational materials to support groups, we're here to help.

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Why Choose Us?

Insurance Plans Accepted

At Allergy Asthma Associates of Oklahoma, we are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. We offer personalized treatment plans and use the latest technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment. Our team of experienced medical professionals is dedicated to helping you breathe easier.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of specialists has years of experience in allergy and asthma care. We stay up-to-date on the latest research and treatment options to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. When you choose Allergy Asthma Associates of Oklahoma, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Meet Our Doctors

Our team of doctors and medical professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional care to each patient. With years of experience and specialized training in allergy and asthma care, our doctors will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

I saw Dr UG for treatment of allergies and asthma. He spent a lot of time with me asking me questions and listening to my questions. I could tell he genuinely cares about his patients. I have had allergies all my life and asthma most of my life. He and his nurse taught/told me things no Dr had ever taken the time to do in the past. I am very happily with the service he provided me.

Wes — OKC


Alexa Young, CA

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